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Subject: Learning to “Be Okay” Where You Are

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been drained. Initially I couldn’t figure it out, but I’ve been able to narrow it down to my Vitamin D deficiency. With that being said, I’ve experienced the negative side effects of fatigue and weight gain. Because of the fatigue several of the household chores have gone undone and I feel like I’m constantly in a state of chaos in certain areas in my home. Add in the fact that our bedroom update is not even close to being finished, life isn’t stopping, and I started feeling overwhelmed. The fatigue was much more noticeable than the weight gain. During the time I started feeling drained, I purposefully improved my eating habits and started drinking more water. I’ve been maintaining my workouts as well. So imagine my frustration with attempting to put on a pair of jeans and me needing to be stuffed in them like a can of biscuits. Y’all, I didn’t immediately want to cry but the frustration did start mounting up. I decided to get my mental space back together and come up with a plan.

I am scheduled to meet with a home cleaning service on Thursday (2/17/22). I refuse to allow myself to keep being disappointed to no fault of my own. I do more than my fair share and even though my family isn’t pulling their weight currently, I have made it a point to get help. I have no issues sharing that I’m a stay at home parent and I am going to pay for help. What I’m realizing is that all this time I’ve been dedicating to everything (blog, making videos, furniture projects, home improvements, crafting, cleaning, etc.) has just zapped me. I’m human and not having a break has proven to weigh on my ability to remain consistent with most things. I am beyond excited at the idea that there are some things that I will be able to check off my list and won’t have to worry about any longer. 

Now to the weight thing. I have fluctuated with my weight for a while. I wish I knew what happened with my body after baby #3, but it has been absolutely insane. I can do Everything (eating, sleeping, exercising, etc.) and still gain weight. A few years ago, this is why I quit. It’s frustrating to put in so much effort and get nothing in return, but I recognize that working out and moving my body feels good even if I’m not losing weight like I desire. With that being said, I’ve decided to be “okay” here while still making changes by adding in an extra workout a few days a week. In 2020 when I was nearly at my goal weight, I was working on consistently nearly 6 days/week with 2 a days. I’ll be honest and say that while I looked amazing, I absolutely will never forget the level of tired I experienced. I don’t want to have the “body” without the energy to enjoy it. So I will be incorporating riding my bike more frequently (3 days/week) alongside my daily workouts. I’m hoping that this will help jumpstart my metabolism to get back on track, but I’m giving myself an entire month before deciding if I need to change anything else. 

While I know that this isn’t always going to be the case, I recognize that being hard on myself and feeling somewhat discouraged can be negatively impacting everything I want to improve. Now that I’m on the road to getting some much needed help for my home, I’m going back to being diligent with my goals. Do you have anything in your life you need to learn to be okay with?

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