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What The Heck?!?

Let me be honest, I’ve missed writing and sharing but I’ve also been attempting to keep my head above water. I haven’t been consistent since around since Spring Break in March. I feel that this is the best time ever to share what’s been going on with me. 

I have become accustomed to believe that I do want to do anything else without bringing it to completion. This blog is my “baby” so I’m done with the neglect. Here’s the tea: We are working on getting our house “show ready” while preparing to build our dream home. That’s why my social media is so in and out as well as the blog going radio silent. There were several things in this current home that I wanted done while living here so we have been attempting to get those accomplished while we wait on the builders to open up the new section to begin our build. All of this happened within about a 3 week period and it became a little overwhelming. Within that 3 week period we saw several models homes, chose a neighborhood, and found our perfect plan. We initially assumed that building would start almost immediately after we got our pre-approval so we wanted to go ahead and get the house prepped for selling as well as begin looking for a rental. After finding out that the section isn’t open and we don’t have an estimated time, I was able to breathe. We are currently decluttering the house, putting stuff away in storage, and staging (but with our stuff that we have every intention of taking with us unless the buyer wants to pay for it).  

I’m going to try to keep the story short of how this life spin came about. My neighbor across the street (we talk regularly and our kids play together) had a for sale sign in their yard and hadn’t mentioned it. I was shocked.They had one open house resulting in multiple offers and accepted one over asking. The catch was that the buyer wanted them to close immediately and move out within 7 days so they had to withdraw that offer. After talking they shared that they were just testing the market and didn’t really have plans prepared prior to putting their home on the market. I don’t know what it was about the sign, but it got me thinking that I should look at some local neighborhoods to see what was out there. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ve seen that my crafting has taken on a life of its own and storage has become an issue. I currently have a pocket office, but because of its small size when attempting to do crafting or using my Cricut means that I have to relocate to the dining room table or the coffee table in the living room. Needing more space really hit home during Christmas when I was attempting to make shirts and was on the floor because that’s what was available. Truthfully, I think I was afraid of seeing the market because I knew that prices were soaring compared to when we purchased nearly 3 years ago. After doing a ton of research, it became apparent that we could afford to get our “dream home” while selling this house at a great profit. I love my neighbors, my neighborhood, and my children’s school (all of these were taken into account while looking for a new place to reside) but we are at that point of: we take the risks now/ possibly get priced out/ or need to pay $1,000,000 for the house we really want. Let me point out that I’m not just making up that number and it’s not a joke! 

I will officially be doing a better job of documenting what the heck I’m doing during this process as well as updating you all on the process of pursuing our dreams. 


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