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Product: Eyelash Perm Kit (link below for the exact kit I purchased)

Initial Thoughts: While in quarantine I purchased some magnetic lashes from Amazon. I like the look of them a lot, but I only apply them for special occasions. Since I’m a rookie, it still takes some time and usually I’m just not that interested. Because of that I did invest in some higher quality mascara and I admit that usually does the trick, but once it comes off I’m back to barely there lashes. In the past, I’ve priced what it would cost to get my lashes done and the way my pockets work I didn’t want to make that type of invest on a monthly basis. I wanted a cheaper alternative that didn’t require so much time. Eyelash perming was the alternative. It was inexpensive to buy an at home kit and several people have really great results. I know not everything works the same, but I was willing to give it a shot since I didn’t have much to lose except for some thin eyelashes..LOL

How It’s Going: After searching Amazon and reading at least a hundred reviews I picked my kit and ordered. While the videos and reviews showed folks doing the kit on their own, I knew I wanted help. Prior to purchasing I got my husband’s agreement to aid in application..and he followed through (Two loud cheers for him!!!). The whole process takes about 45 mins to complete so we did both eyes at one time versus one at a time. He was a little apprehensive, but did great in spite of his weird way to apply the product. He dabbed instead of gliding it on (imagine nail polish and dabbing instead of gliding). One thing we did feel wasn’t necessary was the eye patches. While I understand their protective nature, he felt they impacted his ability to apply the product so we removed both of them. I did keep a q tip nearby for any product that possibly got on my skin. If you read any of the reviews, you’ll see many people mention the smell. As a woman that lived in the hair salon prior to going natural, it was not a smell I was unfamiliar with. While it’s not a favorite scent or anything, but it had purpose so there aren’t any complaints from me in that regard. I’ll be honest, it did make me a little nervous since this is the eye area…it just made us take our time and not rush while going through the process. Patience is by far the best thing to have when doing kits like these in order to have the best results.


Is it Worth it: While I don’t have mile high lashes like I want, there is definitely a difference. I am pleased with how they turned out and would recommend this kit to anyone willing to give something new a try and willing to go through the process carefully. This is supposed to last up to 8 weeks, but based on how much I sweat from my workouts I’m not sure if that will have an impact on the overall effects. I’m happy and will definitely do it again after 8 weeks are up.


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