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Topic: What if it’s not your mind, but your mouth

Let me start off my saying I’m my own worst enemy. I struggle with several different things, but being mentally tough isn’t apart of that group anymore. Between trial and error as well as YouTube, I feel like I can nearly do anything. I’m more than willing to learn new things as well as try something just so that I can save a few bucks. My mindset is very big and when I see other people doing what I’m trying to accomplish it only makes me want it more. Here’s the issue: sometimes my words to me don’t match my thoughts. My background is in Psychology and Sociology so yes I recognize how the mind impacts your entire life. I will be the first person to say I completely believe this and what I’m presenting definitely doesn’t go against this…it’s just another perspective in why we aren’t accomplishing what we desire. Back to my self defeatist behavior…I often times find myself speaking negatively about projects I’m working on or even myself. 

I have come so far in my weight loss journey. I’m 10-15 pounds away from my goal weight and over the past few months I’ve reached a plateau and become a hindrance. Working out is a stress reliever for me and I want to be physically strong so I desire to workout daily, but because my body isn’t where I want it I make comments in regards to what’s wrong. I notice those comments impact my willingness to eat poorly. Anyone trying to lose weight knows that what you’re eating can tell the story of your success. You can not out work a bad diet period! I’ve definitely made myself aware of what’s needed in order to really change what I’m experiencing so I’ve started with drinking more water and being mindful of that snacks I keep near. I also a much more kind with the words I say to me. It’s a struggle for sure, but I know that my words shape my world and I have body goals that I will accomplish before the end of 2021. So…cheers to eating my words and making them pleasant.

Aside from my body, I stopped speaking my affirmations like I used to and that can put you in a negative space. I push through that space mentally because I’m still doing things, but I still don’t feel like “me”. I want to insert that I haven’t had an alone moment in nearly 2 years and I’m aware this impacts my mentality currently. While my children are amazing, I’m human and need more than a few hours for Deann time and just doing nothing. Being a stay at home mom, wanting to work on my own projects/crafts, keeping up with weight loss goals, and staying engaged in virtual learning for the kids was tough. Now I’m gearing up for year 2 because we aren’t comfortable with the kids going back into the classroom with these lax mask mandates. Does this mean more work for me, Yep! However, I’m ready. I’ve recognized that I get to decide how I feel and refuse to speak in terms of chores/tasks but more so opportunities/options. I still have plenty of home projects to complete while juggling the 4 year old, but my words are going to match my mind. Planning is essential and I’m going to do it successfully. Do you struggle currently or have you ever struggled with speaking to yourself negatively in any aspect of your life?

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