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Topic: It’s Really Okay To Just Be You

I’ll be honest…it can be a little disappointing when you’re trying to build your social media following and doing the things that are authentic to you and it’s not happening. This blog means the world to me and honestly, I feel like I should have a bigger following and a greater level of interaction than I do. While I’ve considered some things that could do to aid in helping me become more visible, 1. I haven’t figured out the algorithm and 2. I refuse to do anything unauthentic to me. I’m not just looking for a ton of likes for the sake of them, but I’m seeking to surround myself with likeminded folks that understand I don’t have it all figured out and I’m just sharing my journey in this thing called life. I have to remind myself constantly that comparing is just asking for disappointment and I have to be okay with my “now” and put in the elbow grease for everything I want in my future. By no means am I saying that I’m not willing to participate in some of the trends, but I’m looking to offer content that far outlasts moments. 

I’m currently stuck because my brain is ready to make it happen, but my body is up and down. I haven’t had a break from being a mommy in 2 years and that has definitely taken it’s toll. I love my children, but not living near family and the whole pandemic thing have thrown a huge wrench in the plans for me to get some substantial alone time to clear my mind. I have had offers from the hubby to get a room and have a weekend away, but I’ve explained several times that having a break and coming home to a complete mess of a house is no break so I’d prefer not to. Cleaning is not my favorite activity, but I cannot live in a filthy house (upstairs is a different story because I don’t live up there). Sometimes I don’t give myself enough room to just breathe and say it is what it is. So from today on, I will do a better job of giving myself a break when I need it and sometimes when I don’t think I need it. One of my biggest issues is that I wait until the last minute and end up sick and forced to take a break. This impacts my blog and my posting and then I’m back on the trying to figure out how I can post more so I can get my views up. I’m truthfully sick of it, but the one thing that makes me keep going is that I know everything I’m doing is something I was made for and it brings me a level of joy that I can’t get from sitting back and doing nothing. I am certain that this circle of “what in the world” isn’t just something I’m experiencing alone. Because of this alone, I’m not willing to go outside of me. Here’s the epiphany: Everything you have going on is NOT foreign and how you process and handle “life” can be beneficial to folks you may never meet. Just be willing to share. 

Do you have any areas that you’ve considered changing up based on societal norms or increased visibility?

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