Try it Out Thursday

Household cleaner

Product: The Pink Stuff

Initial Thoughts: I honestly though it was overhyped (I usually tend to get caught up on these types of products) and probably would work, but not as well as some of the videos demonstrated. Since I’ve in the process of trying to downsize the amount of cleaning products I purchase, I’m open to products that can work in several places around the home. I had my fingers crossed though, that it would help clean up some heavily soiled items that regular scrubbing didn’t aid in improving.

How it’s Going: While I feel that I need to give some things more time, I definitely feel like the product does what it claims to do. One thing to note: several reviews mentioned that their work surface ended up getting scratched…well the product clearly states that it you have to be careful to avoid that from happening. After seeing that disclaimer, I wanted to make sure that I was careful but still put in the work to try and clean the area I was working on. I posted before and after pictures of the oven after using the product. It did require a little elbow grease, but I definitely saw a difference without allowing the product sitting time. I’m definitely going to try it on some baking sheets (we all have those heavily stained ones..LOL) and hopefully that helps me have a better determination of if I can cut out some of the other cleaning product purchases.

Is it Worth it: Depends. I think it works and if you don’t have something yet, it is definitely worth purchasing. However, I don’t think that you should run out at buy this if you already have a cleaner that actually works. I feel like most people are in the same place as me and willing to try something new that will possibly work better than what’s currently in the cleaning arsenal. If you run out of your usual or start getting low, this is definitely an option and they have a variety of products to try at reasonable prices. I just chose the paste alone since I have way too many cleaning products and my hubby and I share his Prime account (LOL).


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