My Favorite Stuck at Home Purchases

Online Shopping

I am 100% certain that I'm not the only one that has been indulging a little with online purchases. I feel like it's Christmas again and I'm just eagerly anticipating packages outside the door. I'm an unashamed frugalista so I want quality, but at a bargain (clearance plus an extra sale preferred). Now that home has become the headquarters for everything, it's quite noticeable how empty our house is everyday and it has caused me to go into overdrive trying to really make this a home for us. Here are just a few of my top purchases up to date:

My pocket office rug
As soon as I saw the ad scroll by on IG (yes I click on some of them), I knew I wanted the rug and it was going to be perfect for my reading room. Unfortunately, other people saw the same rug and great sale and decided they wanted it too. My heart was a little broken that the size I needed was all gone, but since my office area is not complete I chose go snatch one up.

Meal delivery kit
I can not shout to the hills enough about how much this has changed our weekly dinners. I'll be honest, I can cook well but my menus didn't offer at lot of variety. I might change up the day I cook a particular meal or add one night of something different, but the kids knew what to expect with dinner. Since beginning our weekly orders, we have had some of the most eaten dinners ever. The kids will gladly get seconds, but I'm almost certain it's because the meals have a restaurant quality to them. Not having to figure out dinner for two nights of the week has made weekly planning so much more enjoyable.

My console table
The entryway of our house is bare. We've been here for about 6 months and the most frustrating part of getting a new home is not having furniture pieces already picked out/available when you move in. As you can see, it is not accessorized, but this will be happening soon. (And yes, that's a scuff on the child was riding her hoverboard in the house and ran into the wall)

Family meals at restaurants
Saving money on no cooks days for a family of 5 is a plus. Since the lockdown has taken place, several of the local restaurants have offered family meal options that have been amazing. Many of them have serving sizes that were so big we were able to have lunch the following day.

NaturAll Club Thirst Quenching Avocado Hair Moisturizer (say that fast 3 times)
Having 4 kinky-coily heads in a house makes wash days difficult. I'm learning now that so many products don't work for us the same and I'm trying to do a better job of being mindful of this fact while styling. This product has worked for everyone!!! It smells amazing and it really does moisturize our hair very well. I'm considering going back to the website and ordering this entire line based on the results we've had so far.

So, what are you spending your money on or are you keeping your coins? 



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