Talk About it Tuesday


Subject: What’s My Plan for 2022?

While I’d like to say that I’ve started off the year with a bang, I have NOT. I’m definitely being more proactive in regards to things that I need to put myself into position to complete tasks that I’ve put off, but the truth of the matter is I should be further along that I currently am. The majority of the struggle has been physical in nature due to me becoming slack, but mentally I’ve been on board. Unfortunately, my body has won most of the battles and I haven’t been able to be consistent with really anything. So for now, I’m working on being consistent with the things that contribute to me having the best chance at completing the goals I’ve set.

If you’ve been following me or read my past blogs you’ll know that instead of doing resolutions, I choose one word to focus my attention. My word for the year is: Strong. While I’m able to lift more weights than last year (I get excited about this), I want to be stronger in chasing my fears. I’m sick of talking about stuff and then seeing another year pass without anything to show for it. Of course I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished up to this point, but I remember how much I wanted “more” and I’m still here just wanting. So this year, I’m doing videos. Ya’ll can hold me accountable to that. I’m in the process of getting my set up together, but I refuse to allow “waiting on perfect” to be an excuse anymore. 

I’ve started the year in a weird place and it almost got me overwhelmed. I refuse to go back down that road because I remember the mental turmoil it created for years. So cheers to simple and effective ways of getting stuff done. What are you working on for the year?


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