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Subject: Getting Older is Different…

While I will not beat a dead horse, there’s just so many things I’ve found quite interesting as I’ve entered into the “mature” category (at least in skincare..LOL). These are a few of the biggest that I feel should be shared among circles:

  1. Level of fatigue. I have no idea what takes place within the body and I’m certain popping out babies impacted this as well, but the level of tired I feel now is something that only happened in my younger years during finals week after staying up for several days. Between being a mommy, working out hard, trying to maintain my blog/crafting, as well as consider business potentials now that I have a Cricut machine I’m just tired. Even on nights that I get 8 hours of sleep (those are unicorns now), I still don’t wake up refreshed like I used to. I will add in that I’m still in my Vitamin D slump and this clearly impacts that as well, but I’d be willing to spend good money on something that could light a fire under my energy levels and keep them consistent.
  2. Periods. Why has no one shared that they can get dumb crazy as you get older. There was a time that I was the textbook clockwork cycle kind of gal. Pain was minimal, but I still experienced some. This new stuff here is just “different”. I would like to publicly apologize for thinking that some chicks were making it a bigger deal than it really was. A week or two before my period, my body goes into full blown chaos. I have no idea which side effects I’m going to get, but I’m 100% going to experience extreme fatigue and painful cramps. For the past few months (even with me being on birth control), I’ve sporadically experienced months with multiple periods. I also have either a barely there type of flow or a woman with the issue of blood. It makes absolutely no sense, but the older I get I feel that my body just hates me and wants to let me know.
  3. Patience. While I’m much wiser, I feel that my last nerve is much closer to the edge than it’s ever been. Irritating me is much easier and this makes being near my family difficult at times. I love quiet now and being alone is something I cherish (I’m guessing since we haven’t had a break in nearly 3 years this has heightened it even more). I feel like those moments help me with creativity and are necessary, but they are so hard to find because I still have my sweet baby at home. She’s 4 and a ball of pure energy…and it’s A LOT!!!
  4. No more plans. I really do miss brunch and getting together, but I am not bothered by being at home. I just don’t feel like getting “dressed” anymore. I honestly don’t care to go places that requires me wearing a bra, but it’s unavoidable since I need groceries and I like working out. The older I get, the more I realize the value of time. 

What things are you finding difficult/nice about aging?

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