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From Upstate South Carolina to Houston

South Carolina

While relocating is a complete drag and doing it with young kids is even more of a hassle, I think we handled it pretty well. Do I miss South Carolina...yes (but only really people and a few things). In spite of all the things I miss, there are definitely some advantages to moving to a metropolitan area that is very diverse. Here's a list of a few of the differences I've noticed since moving to Texas:

- Education system: One of the reasons we chose Katy was because of its nationwide competing school district. That is something we didn't have in Anderson, SC. We also got to compare the difference on equal footing because we experienced Title 1 in SC and now here in TX. I was completely blown away at the structure of classrooms, material presentation, and content of material provided. There really is NO comparison. I'm not pooping on SC education because it served me well, but I'm grateful that my children have an opportunity to thrive on a different level without requiring going to a private school.

- Access to services: Even though Anderson is beginning to grow, there weren't many options to have things delivered. When we relocated I had a 4 week old, 5 yo, and 7 yo. I was not trying to leave the house and the most important things were finding doctors and sleep. My hubby made sure I knew how to get to the Walmart, but there wasn't much time for anything else. Grocery delivery and food delivery made me fall in love instantly! I don't mind going out, but having the option to not have to makes life a little easier.

- Cost difference/economic opportunities: This was/is pretty self explanatory. Houston is higher. I said several choice words when we were looking for a house to rent. That changed to even more colorful words when we finally started looking to buy. People laughed at us when we would tell them the difference between getting a $250,000 house in each of the areas. With that being said, I appreciate that in SC you do get a decent sized yard when you spend your coin. However, there is no doubt that there is more opportunity in Houston. Many people have asked me if we ever intend on moving back and I honestly share that unless Jesus himself picks us up and makes us we will not be moving back. I believe that once I get back into the workforce (if I ever do), I'll have more options for working and utilizing my skills in a different way.

- Landscape: Houston is insanely flat compared to the foothills of the mountains that I came from. We moved to Houston a few months before Harvey and we had heard stories of the flooding here, but experiencing it was something completely different. Harvey was an extreme instance, but heavy rains can cause flooding and that's not something we were used to seeing.  Also, the amount of trees is a huge difference. We lived on the lake in SC and there were tons of trees. Once moving here, there were only certain areas that had mature trees. I'm guessing this has a lot to do with growth and development, but the positive is we are able to see so much of the sky. We love watching the sunsets and kite flying now that we are in an area that offers great views and great wind

- Regional Stores: I miss Publix and Bojangles. Yes..Texas has amazing food that I believe everyone should try once if the opportunity comes, but there aren't substitutes for a Bo-Berry biscuit or the fries (we considered buying the fry seasoning over the holiday) or something from Publix's deli and/or bakery. Publix is the CFA of grocery stores. HEB is nice, but it's just not Publix. My favorite find since moving is $.99 store. For my Anderson folks it's like a mix between a Dollar Tree and Ollies. 

Have you ever relocated to somewhere that presented you with completely different opportunities than what you were used to? Let me know what you went through or are currently experiencing while you transition.


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