Who am I?

Hello sunshine

I thought it would be cool to share a little about me since this is something that I haven't really done. My husband often comments to me about how weird I am because my interests are very vast and sometimes appear not to be interconnected. This could be true, but I like what I like and as much as he won't admit it he's even started joining in a few of these with me.

- YouTube is my "rabbit hole" and I have a wide span of videos that I watch. My current lineup includes: natural hair tutorials, sermons, makeup tutorials, readings of Reddit submissions (I have a few favorite people I listen to), watching carpet cleaning, laundry room remodels, diys on a budget, music, and videos of new modular and tiny homes. I have done several of these in the span of a day, but I do my best to limit when I'm doing them. Things that are just for listening purposes I turn on while in the shower or while cooking so I'm being productive and others I do after I've completed tasks or when I'm taking a little break. I will not allow myself to waste too much time just because we are in quarantine.

- My book selection is just as eclectic. The genres of my three current reads are on spiritual growth, personal development, and science fiction/fantasy. I love reading and now that I've carved out time for my passion I enjoy indulging in fun reading and well as reading to improve my life.

- I have a "don't stop until it's done" mindset. I won't say  that I become obsessive, but once my mind is set on getting something I will spend hours immersed in comparing/contrasting whatever it is until I get it. Currently it is patio furniture (I look at so much of this because it's so freaking expensive and I'm trying to make sure I keep my eyes open for deals) and home decor.  

- I struggle on pulling the trigger when making purchases. This is why I end up looking at things for so long! I didn't have this struggle when we had less money, but I want to be wise in our financial decisions and I have to weigh the wants and needs regardless of our bank account. This is why my husband opens up the door by saying I can have whatever I want. He knows I'm very reasonable when it comes to buying things and more than likely I'll end up getting nothing. I currently have several tabs open with things in the cart, but I haven't bought them and I often times lose out on items because of this.

- Working out is my new hobby/habit and I have no problem making purchases towards it. Yes.. this contradicts what I just said. However, I love new workout clothes and shoes. I've never been one to have cute outfits to workout in because I didn't think it really mattered (an old t-shirt/workout top and whatever workout pants I could find were the norm and they usually didn't match), but now that I'm working out 7 days a week I enjoy having different options and color choices. Also, I finally realize why people wear this stuff out in public so much. These compression pants are so comfortable and they hold you up (I know someone will get that). I still am of the mindset that putting on real clothes makes you feel different so I try to make sure that whenever I leave the house I brush off the clothes that have been in hiding since going in the quarantine, but if it's just a quick store run then I'll gladly wear my workout attire since it's improved. 

- The older I've become the more I like to stay home. I know being stuck at home has been a big issue for most and I do get cabin fever, but I love being home. I don't mind spending time making our house more enjoyable for everyone. I can admit the cleaning up has becoming a little overwhelming because of everyone being home, but just sitting down a reading a book keeps me content for hours. Seeing pictures of people out and about does given me the itch, but this is the first time I've ever had the chance to decorate my house the way I really want it so most of my energy is put into that. I also love reading and doing crafting. There's just so many options of things I've always wanted to do/try and now I have the chance to explore them.

Of course there's so much more to me than this, but these stick out since they are apart of my everyday life. What are your quirks or things that make you a little different?


June 15, 2020

I truly enjoyed reading and learning new things about you (carpet cleaning vids🤔☺️-to each his/her own☺️). Things in carts, patio sets, making purchases, lol. That was me last week. Hubby made me place an order. When you’re good stewards, sometimes it takes our spouses to remind us it’s okay...we were blessed to be able to have the lives we have—but I’m talking to my younger twin☺️. Challenging myself to remain focused while desiring to travel back south to drop off the kids, where COVID19 is rapidly growing and here we are pretty much still closed, has been a challenge. With all I have to write and do, I spend time reading and listening to the Word. I know I have a goal and it will be done, but I’m taking the time to breathe and enjoy the rest while I can. Congratulations on getting it done and being open! That’s the only way to go—just do it, even afraid (talking to self) 🥰

June 19, 2020

Thanks for commenting and I am on the wheel right there with you. Do the best you can with what you've been given...Just keep going and I'm sure you'll enjoy or are enjoying your purchase!!


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