Worth it Wednesday

Knee sleeve

Product: Copperfit Ice Menthol Infused Compression Knee Sleeve

Initial Thoughts: Truthfully, I didn’t think it would work. I always laughed when the commercial would come on with Brett Farve and Jerry Rice playing football and talking about how great they felt with this knee sleeve. I ordered this off of Amazon on a whim because my knee wasn’t improving, but life was still going on and I needed something. If nothing else, it was great to have som compression on my knee to help with mobility.

How’s it Going: Much better than expected!! I wear this for extended periods throughout the day when I’m going to be moving around a lot, cleaning up and needing to go up and down the stairs, as well as when I workout. While the initial feeling of menthol isn’t there like it when when I initially put it on, I still love the compression factor and it has helped me so much with the amount of pain experienced daily. While I still have some aches (which is to be expected), I feel like my knees are finally healing and that within a few weeks I won’t need any type of aid. 

Is it Worth it: 10/10 would recommend. I am in the process of ordering a second one for my other knee and will wear them while doing household chores as well as during my workout. I see them as very beneficial to my overall health. I’m hoping that using these sleeves also decreases the likelihood of other knee injuries in the future as well. Only time will tell, but this was worth every single dollar.

What’s your most recent as seen on tv purchase?

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