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This isn’t the usual review of an item because I haven’t tried my new stuff long enough to give the best opinions. We have been so fortunate since moving to Texas of finding neighborhoods that have been amazing. We’ve been able to form relationships with several neighbors and our children have flourished. This is why I’m emotionally conflicted.

In our first neighborhood, we were renters. I think that is why I wasn’t so attached to the idea of moving. My girls enjoyed playing with our neighbors’ children but since several of us were renters we knew the possibility of the people changing was something that stayed in the back of our mind. However, we now in a home we built and that brings about some level of permanence. I’ve always said that this house was not our forever home and was very vocal about that, but I wanted to love it while living here. I’ve done my best to make this house look like the houses we wanted (but couldn’t afford at the time). Now that we are in a much different place financially, its time to move towards our dream home (I won’t say forever home because I am realizing that things change quickly). The new house is amazing and I can’t wait to chronicle the journey now that it has officially started. Not only will we have a beautiful home, but it is in the neighborhood we wanted to live in during our initial search. Since 2019, the neighborhood has blossomed and become more than we could have ever imagined. The neighborhood has tennis courts, fitness centers, restaurant, dog parks, and orchards to name a few things. Excited is an underwhelming word to describe how I feel. On the other hand, my children have been very vocal about not wanting to leave this house. They have memories here. The friendships that have been formed make my heart smile because I recognize that everyone doesn’t get these opportunities. On any given day, there could be roughly 15 kids outside of varying ages riding bikes and scooters playing together. None of them care about ethnicity, religion, or anything in that vain… it’s all about just having a good time together. I love it here, but we’ve outgrown this house and no amount of organizing will change that. I’ve tried everything I can, but making a workspace on the floor is no longer ideal considering I desire to begin selling some of the products I make. 

While I do have reservations considering we will be the first folks on the block again (we had the same opportunity with the house we are currently living in), I’m excited for our new beginning. We’ve been blessed for sure and I don’t doubt that all the praying I’ve done will prove fruitful. We are friendly people and I already know one person that lives in the neighborhood so that should help with the transition. The other positive is that we were intentional with recognizing the schools for wherever we decided to move to. While the girls will have a new elementary school (the neighborhood has a school within it), the middle and high school are the same ones we are currently zoned for. Do I think that moving is worth it: YES! My children will have the opportunity to make new friends and I’ll be able to have a workspace that is sufficient. I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t predict the future, but I know that will be able to adapt and prosper.

Have you recently moved or do you plan on moving in the near future?

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