Worth it Wendesday


Product: Cricut Maker 3

Initial Thoughts: I honestly wasn’t looking at getting a Maker 3 solely because of the price. Once I made up in my mind I wanted a machine, I figured I’d go with one of the less expensive ones so that I could learn and then I could upgrade in the future. Prior to purchasing, I reached out to a college friend that was busting out crazy projects with her Cricut in order to get some direction. Based on the information she provided and what hubby already wanted to get me, we ended up with the Maker 3. I knew this would take my crafting to the next level so I was very excited.

How’s it Going: Amazingly!! I’m already getting the hang of things and I’m beginning to learn my machine. I keep a notebook handy so I’m able to write down the best settings for the different types of materials I’ve been using. Dollar Tree (if you’ve seen my social media you already know) has been my go to for finding cheap permanent vinyl for practice purposes, but I love the Smart vinyl options from Cricut. The fact that I can cut without a mat is exciting, but after learning a hack for cleaning the mat I’ve had much more favorable feelings about using it. Because I’m a student, I have spent hours watching several different channels to learn and absorb as much information as possible. I can admit that just like anything else, you really do have to just get your hands dirty and start trying things to know what’s going to work for you…I still have to watch tons of videos though. 

Now that I’ve got the learning side out of the way, I can share that the thought of allowing this to become profitable for me has crossed my mind. As someone that traded in a normal paycheck for mommy life, I’ve grown accustomed to the idea of making money through other avenues. While I know that it seems like I should just go ahead and jump out there, I’m a student first and recognize that planning is essential if I desire to be successful. Once I’m certain of everything, I will share but there’s no rush. I am growing to understand the importance of preparedness and when I get started I have no intentions of stopping!

Was it Worth it: YES!!! I probably have already created enough to more than cover the cost of the machine. I still need to do a little more in regards to covering all the accessories, but I can’t believe how much fun this journey has been. Hindsight is 20/20 and sometimes it makes me wish I would have made the choice earlier, but I recognize that this is the perfect timing for me to begin down this new road. I highly recommend anyone considering a Cricut to review all of their products and make a choice based on personal needs moreso than wants. 10/10 would recommend!!

Have you been thinking about diving into getting a cutting machine? If so, which band and model?


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