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This week I’m going to include several items. All of the these items were purchased based on reviews provided and/or they showed up in my social media ads. As previously mentioned in a blog, I’m one of the reasons advertisers spend so much money on ads. While I don’t get everything, I do tend to get several things. Also, Buzzfeed articles of purchase worthy products tend to pique my interests.

Product: Tree Hut Body Scrub, Goli Gummies, Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner, Pixi Brand Products

Initial Thoughts: I won’t pretend that the hype others offered got me hype. While understand that sometimes you need to spend a little extra for quality, all of these products were decently priced. That made it much easier to go ahead and try them out. The hardest product for me to find was the Tree Hut scrubs because they’re always sold out. Based on that fact alone, I felt that I needed some. People mentioned they would usually purchase several at a time so they never ran out and that only made me want to try it out even more. With Thayer’s and Pixi, I was just willing to get a different brand of product a try. I was using Dickinson’s brand toner at the time and had no complaints, but was willing to give something else a try. So many people vouched for the Goli gummies that I just gave up and decided to get on the train.

How’s it Going: I’ll start with the gummies since I ended there. I only got the Ashwagandha version and was not impressed. A month isn’t a long time to try and determine if something is working, but usually around the 2-3 month mark I notice slight changes and that didn’t happen for me. I do want to try out the apple cider vinegar gummies from the brand because I know the benefits of acv taken on a consistent basis. There is the possibility that I will try them together to see if I notice changes, but at the moment I’m just not sure I want to spend the money. 

-Tree Hut Body Scrub: I enjoy it. The consistency is different than what I’m used to when it comes to a scrub, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. The one thing that I will do differently is the scent. While cotton candy is by no means terrible, it’s just super sweet and I prefer more natural scents over candied or floral scents. This is strictly personal preference, but please believe I will be using every single drop of the scrub. 

-Thayer’s: I got caught up in the hype and was let down a little. Based on the reviews, I assumed that it was going to blow Dickinson’s away and that just didn’t happen. Thankfully Target has the sample size versions for sale so I didn’t buy a big bottle. While I no longer use Dickinson’s either (I got a toner with a few more things added in), if I need a regular toner I’ll be going back to Dickinson’s.

-Pixi Brand: Another brand I got caught up in the hype and let down. I tried the Glow Tonic and Vitamin C serum. Truth is, everything is not going to work for everyone. I have mature, combination, ethnic skin. Most of the reviews were NOT from within that bubble. So I won’t say it didn’t work, but clearly it didn’t for me.

Is it Worth it: To someone, each of these products have proven effective. However, for me the only one that I will purchase on a consistent basis is the Tree Hut Scrub (in a different scent). As mentioned earlier, the price point for these products is great so if you’re looking to try something new and you’re not trying to break the bank they are great options. You just have to set yourself up mentally that they may not work for you. I will definitely do an update on the Goli gummies because I still have my hopes up for the ACV version. I feel that Thayer’s is an option for someone who wants a decent toner in his/her regimen and they don’t mind forking over a few more dollars to get it. Some people have an allegiance to particular brands and I totally understand that (until I become sponsored that is not my case). Pixi has a host of skincare options to try. The price range varies from “I can do that” to “I’m not paying that much in Target”. I could give the line a try again, but I feel I’m getting a lot closer to finding a line that provides for all my skincare needs so I’ll stick to that for now.

What’s some of your social media ad encouraged purchases and did you like them?

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