Talk About it Tuesday

Working or Staying at Home: Which is Harder?

This is a debate that I’ve never really understood. I can admit in my ignorance, I did feel that there were more advantages to staying at home when I was apart of the workforce. Now that I have a lens based on experience, my views have changed…

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Marley Spoon

Worth it Wednesday

Product: Meal Delivery Kit

Initial Thoughts: Since we kept getting coupons to try different services we would go 4 weeks on each to get the discounts and just decide which one we liked the best

Cook Days: I know they give an amount of time that goes along with each recipe, but…

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Being an adult sucks.....Sometimes! (UPDATE)

Am I saying I want to give up adulthood....absolutely not. The truth is, being an adult is not something that you can really be prepared for. Some of the expectations are taught, but the totality of the experience is just something you won’t know until you get here. Well here’s my gripe...…

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Hair Products

Worth It Wednesday

One of the things that I really enjoy is trying new products. I’m not super specific to a certain type, but I definitely like skin care because it’s near and dear to my heart as well as hair care. Throwing in some type of food item never hurt either, but basically if it’s offered and free I…

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New Year = New Focus

2020 was a year that I was able to start off very strong, but it ended lackluster. I'm not necessarily speaking about everything that went wrong with the world (we are all aware of this part), but my effort towards completing a lot of my personal goals. My pride and joy in my blog was completely…

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EOY Self Evaluation: The Year of Proving Me Wrong

2020 has been nothing short of interesting. It has proven to provide challenges that required creative thinking as well as finding a "new normal." My personal goals weren't a complete bust (which I'm very happy about), but there are definitely areas that I've got to give more attention to for…

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Tree no leaves

Winter Is Coming

If you're anything like me, this phrase brings up memories of Game of Thrones in prep for the white walkers (If you don't or haven't watched GOT please do...even though the last season was a tab bit underwhelming). If one thing in our reality mimics what was on the show, it's the level of…

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School learning

Surviving Virtual School 101

Back to school has been a very different experience this year. We personally chose to do the virtual academy offered by our school district for our children. Knowing that they would be home instead of the regular classroom meant we had to prep a space because the dining room table was no longer…

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Do the work

Your Words and Thoughts Aren't Enough

My Sunday morning routine has changed up what I do because of quarantine, but it mainly consists of having breakfast while watching a few sermons online. (Let me pause and say I can not wait to actually go back to church and see those smiling faces!) While the youngest was at…

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Come out of hiding

Why I Disappear

The truth is.....I'm enjoying just being present. I have worked my hardest to not be in the room with my family and preoccupied with my phone, tablet, or my computer. I want them to know that I value them and even if I don't get it in return. Of course that's not all I've been doing. Like…

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Love lives here

5 Things I Didn't Learn From My Parents

Growing up there are so many things we learn from our parents/family that carry on when we become parents. While most of the lessons, in my case, were positive I can admit there were several things that I absolutely realize had to change. This isn't a rock being thrown at my parents because I…

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The Great 38

I officially made it to 38 on July 16th. Even though there wasn't this huge party or a lot of fanfare, I enjoyed the day to the fullest. However, there's been something brewing in me for a few months and I couldn't really figure out what it was or why it was happening. My blog has been a dream…

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