South Carolina

From Upstate South Carolina to Houston

While relocating is a complete drag and doing it with young kids is even more of a hassle, I think we handled it pretty well. Do I miss South Carolina...yes (but only really people and a few things). In spite of all the things I miss, there are definitely some advantages to moving to a…

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Hello sunshine

Who am I?

I thought it would be cool to share a little about me since this is something that I haven't really done. My husband often comments to me about how weird I am because my interests are very vast and sometimes appear not to be interconnected. This could be true, but I like what I like and as much…

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No more

How Are We Going to Change This?

The first step to change anything is acceptance/admittance. We have to accept and more importantly admit that we are in a space and time that's not safe for Black people in a country that states it is founded on "liberty and justice for all". Those words should have significance, but they…

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Off to college

What I Wish I Knew Before Heading Off to College

I love this time of the year!!! Seeing all of the pictures, acceptance letter videos, and overall excitement from families and graduates brings back so many memories. While I won't be pulling out my own letter for nostalgia, I remember all of the feelings I experienced back then. While…

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I Broke Up With Anxiety/Depression

So let me start by saying this is my personal journey, and I'm of the belief that just because you've experienced something it isn't a life sentence. Yes, I've struggled with both anxiety and depression, but when we broke up for the last time in 2008 and I decided to never go back to that…

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School's out for summer

2020 School Year: I Miss You!

While I'm almost certain no one could predict this is what the school year would have turned into, it hasn't all been terrible. I am not the easiest or nicest teacher (based on my girls' moaning when I do schoolwork with them), but I absolutely love all the time I've been able to spend with them…

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Choose You

Choose You

When all of this is over if I have done nothing else, I have learned that there is nothing more important than choosing myself. I have made my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being apart of my daily to-do list. Guess what I've discovered? I like the new me and so does my family.…

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Online Shopping

My Favorite Stuck at Home Purchases

I am 100% certain that I'm not the only one that has been indulging a little with online purchases. I feel like it's Christmas again and I'm just eagerly anticipating packages outside the door. I'm an unashamed frugalista so I want quality, but at a bargain (clearance plus an extra…

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Cleaning up

Cleaning 101

This is probably one of the most disliked tasks but is a necessary evil. My two my favorite tasks are vacuuming and laundry excluding folding (laundry is only included because I'm an addict of the clean laundry smell). My least favorite has to be dishes. Leftover dishwater is just disgusting and…

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Staying at home

Transitioning from working to staying at home

Initially, transitioning from being a working mom to staying at home was difficult. I wasn't used to not having "adult talk time" or some task to focus on that took the pressure off being a parent for a moment. Being at home and having a little person following your every move was very…

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Weight Loss

5 Things I Hate About Working Out

Let me start by saying, I actually enjoy working out. Not all the time, but the results drive me to keep going. Continual body changes and an overall feeling of being in good health encourage me to keep my body active. However, I do experience a few things that frustrate me to no end.

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Vitamin D

Life With Vitamin D Deficiency

A quick Google search for the side effects for vitamin D deficiency reveals that they are: getting sick or infected often, fatigue and tiredness, bone and back pain, depression, impaired wound healing, bone loss, hair loss, and muscle pain. One of the others not mentioned is weight gain. Some of…

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